Question / Help NVENC H.264 or x264?

Recently, I have been trying to get into streaming Counter-Strike Global Offensive. I have tweaked with my streaming settings and followed guides on Youtube but they never seem to work. I have also tried to record as well and the settings just don't get the quality I believe possible. The quality just looks bad and I think it could be better. I have been using NVENC H.264 instead of x264 and I think that might be the problem but I want to clarify before messing with settings. Does anyone have some tips on what settings to use? (Quick side note, I am currently using OBS version 0.16.2, this is because in a Youtube tutorial, it said that it was much better than the newer versions. Is this true or should I update?). I have an i7 8700k, 32gb ram, and a GTX 1070. Another thing, whenever I do a twitch test, I get 0 quality on everything (I live very close to Dallas). Here is my internet speed test as well Can anyone help me out?
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You must have heavy packet loss on your internet connection, that is why you get 0 quality. Your ISP is the only one who can fix that.
I don't think I have packet loss, I'm not sure if this is correct but here is a picture of me pinging google to check for packet loss.


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Pinging a Google DNS server does nothing to prove what your packet loss to Twitch is. If the problem was on your premises, you might have packet loss to everywhere, if your connection between your PC and your router was bad.

If the problem is at your ISP, it can exist as a problem between you and some destinations but not others.

Also... no, OBS 16 is not better, what it is is unsupported.