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I know this has been tossed around a lot, but I was just toying around and found a real simple way to show your music playing on stream. It may not be the best or most aesthetically pleasing, but it is simple and does work. I used Windows Media Player but I don't see why any other program wouldn't work, assuming you have the option to keep the music player's window always on top. This is NOT a text output to display the current song playing if you're wondering. It will simply display the artist and song title at the top of Windows Media Player (or other music program) if it has such an option or view available.

The way I did it, again, was with Windows Media Player. I switched the skin to Corporate. To do this go to view>skin chooser>corporate and apply skin. Then, resize the player to the size of your choice and make sure the window is always on top. Then, in OBS, add software capture and click window capture and select your media player and edit the scene to drag where you want the now playing section of the media player to be shown on stream. Another thing to keep in mind, you may need to move this specific source on top of others for it to show up. Also, it shows up two times because I don't have a game window open over it. If I were in a game, obviously it wouldn't show up twice unless I tabbed out of the game to my desktop.

Quick example of how it will look on stream:


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You can also make it look a little cleaner by using a Chroma/Color Key to get rid of the Background (source cropping would make it so much better though).