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I've been struggling with some of the same issues. In my case (using a Win10 machine), I' trying to record both speakers (system audio) and my Blue Snowball mike (for my voice):


When playing the capture back in either Windows Media Player or Win 10's Movies/TV player there isn't any sound at all. However, when played back thru VLC it is there!

Not sure if any of this would be of any help to you, but the idea of trying VLC for playback certainly helped me! Thanks!


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I have a similar problem. Only more baffling.

I recorded my video, and it plays both microphone and game audio fine in a Win10 player however when I uploaded it to Youtube; the game audio is there but my commentary isn't present in the upload. I downloaded VLC and the microphone audio is there if I enable the option, but then that shuts off the game audio in its place.

So my question is more of a post-recording session. How do I merge the two audio tracks together so that they're playing at the same time?


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It usually takes post-processing the audio in a NLE (vegas/premiere/avidemux/etc) that supports multi-track inputs.

I tend to extract the audio tracks from the file, process them in audacity, merge them in audacity then merge the processed audio track with the video track using ffmpeg.