Question / Help No Alert Audio for OBS Studio

Okay, I've been slowly putting together all the elements that will make up my OBS Layout and everything was working regarding my Twitch Alerts (Streamlabs). Now I don't know if this is an OBS problem or a Streamlabs problem, When I test each Alert (Follower, Sub, etc...) the animation shows up inside of OBS, but there is no audio. Everything over at Streamlabs is enabled and all the settings were/are saved. The audio was working last week...but as of today, there is no audio. I've switched from from one scene collection to another and even exited and relaunch OBS...but still no audio. Sound Volume is at 100% on Streamlabs. I can't remember when I first started testing out my Alerts on OBS if I was also able to hear (test out) the audio files on Streamlabs. But there is no sound over there....unless I'm missing something.

Any suggestions?


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Browser source audio is sent to the default audio device in windows. If you aren't capturing that in OBS, then you won't hear anything.