Need some help with browser source issues


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I hope someone can help me out with this problem.
I'm helping a friend set up a stream for YouTube where he wants to stream external camera sources. We've set up YT and OBS all ok, but the issue is the cam sources either not staying open or just constantly loading depending on how I try it. Here's how I've tried it;
1. Using the direct url of the camera feed as the browser source - this works, but not for long, the feed stops at random times at which time I have to manually 'interact' and press play on the feed, which isn't useful for a 24/7 cam stream.
2. Copy/Paste the source code from the cam feed into an html file, make some changes in the code to force the cam source to auto play, then use this html file as the 'local' browser source. This results in the auto play actually working, but the cam feed never loads.

To add to the confusion, when I try the html way using an online html editor (to check the settings), it works perfectly well. The cam feed plays automatically, loads and stays live.
So, to me, I've narrowed it down to a potential problem with OBS somehow blocking the source and stopping it from loading. I even wondered if it could be firewall/anti virus related, so temporarily turned them off, but the issue remained.
It's probably something really small that perhaps I've overlooked, I've not been using OBS for long, but this is really frustrating as everything else is set up and ready. So, I'm hoping some knowledgeable person with more experience with these things can help me out with this. If you need more info, let me know what you need and be happy to give.
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If you have the URL for the video stream from the camera, you can use the VLC plugin (just install VLC) then add a VLC media source