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I have 2 computers one pc and one laptop.
FX 8350
MSI progaming 970x
1tb of storage
16 gigs ddr3 ram

i7 6700k
8 gigs ddr4
1 tb
laptop mobo idk

*all Ethernet stuff is gigabit*

I am trying to use the NDI plugin to use my PC as a gaming machine and my laptop as a streaming machine. At first i tried streaming from my gaming pc, but that didnt work because of frame drops. So i found NDI and installed it on both computers, but the video on my laptop was extremely low-quality, and I couldn't stream that. I have 1 ethernet port on both computers, and I was using one already on my PC, so i got a usb adapter(USB to ethernet) to connect my pc and laptop. The quality got much better, but still skips sometimes (but i could deal with it even when streaming, it wasnt that much). When i started streaming the quality wasnt good. even at 720p and 30fps it would still look like it had a very low bitrate, even for 720p. I thought this was an internet problem again, so i go another adapter and now i am trying to use both ( one for streaming and one for receiving the video). Unfortunately, on task manager neither computer is using the extra Ethernet cable between them to transfer the video. I try turning the "sync" for the NDI settings to internal vs. Network. I have also tried going to the advanced tab on my gaming pc and telling it to use the IP of the correct ethernet, but nothing has worked, task manager is not showing any use for the ethernet on both computers. will it even make a difference??, and also what settings do you recommend for me?
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Get rid of the USB network port, buy a gigabit switch if you don't already have one. Make sure your webcam is set to no more than 540p to reduce how much USB bandwidth it uses.


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Just use your Laptop for gaming and streaming? The i7 6700k is usually sufficient for common games these days for 720p60 on veryfast