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¿Tengo un problema, tengo dos pc, una en una sala y la otra en otra sala, me gustaria saber y puedo usar este complemento desde dos redes wifi diferentes?

Ayuda por favor!!


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Wireless is not ideal for NDI. But even if you were to use it, the two PCs would have to be on the same wireless network.


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NDI stand for Network Device Interface and was developed by NewTek to be used in professional video production and live events. That doesn’t tell you much of what it is and does though.

Simply put, it is a Video-over-IP solution which touts low latency and high-quality video while using very little bandwidth. More simply it sends your video over WIFI or Ethernet and looks great doing it. There are other Video-over-IP solutions out there such as HDbaseT, Terra, and others that all work great, but NewTek did something that the other companies didn’t – they released their SDK so that other companies and users can use NDI in their products for free. They also created tools that made NDI readily available, not only to professionals in the video broadcasting world but to everyday users. In this guide, you will be learning two methods of using NDI to send video from your gaming PC to the streaming PC. The first method will be the OBS to OBS methodwhere both the gaming PC and Streaming PC are running OBS and the second method will be the NewTek Tools method that will work with any broadcasting software.


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NDI is great and I use it daily, but I wouldn't really describe it as using "very little bandwidth". It is for use on a LAN and not a WAN.