NDI Plugin half worked, then failed on me...


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Hello, I hope someone can help me with this somehow, if not, thanks anyway,

So my situation is that I have 2 laptops, one with a dedicated GPU, and another one with old Intel HD Graphics on it, and I wish to stream my game with friends to Twitch. I am able to stream with just my gaming laptop but it does lose frames and the stream, according to Twitch inspector is unstable most of the time. I then tried to use my old laptop with Intel HD Graphics and did a streaming test. I found my game (CS: GO) to run much smoother in terms of ping and fps, and while using the old laptop, my stream was said to be stable.

I was very happy with the results and tried launching another game, Deceit, but this time, no image would display on my old laptop when I select the game to be sent through NDI, but when I alt + tab, my desktop would stream just fine. I then tried to update to NDI-obs Plugin v4.4.0 and that seemed to make the problem worse, cause then, I wasn't even able to pick up the game from OBS on the gaming laptop.

I have both laptops attached to an ethernet cable and streaming and playing through wifi. I have tried all that I could find on the net about black screen problems in OBS with NDI (home streaming is on). Both laptops have OBS and installed the plugin for both(didn't work), and I have NDI Scan Converter installed on the gaming laptop (worked the first time I used it with CSGO)

Please help and thank you for any help you provide.

Gaming Laptop Specs
Dell Inspiron 15
CPU: Intel i7-5500u 2.4GHz
GPU: Nvidia GT 920m 4GB Ram
Ram: 8GB at 1600MHz
OS: Windows 10

Old/Streaming Laptop
HP Notebook 2000
CPU: Intel i3 3rd Gen
GPU: Intel HD Graphics 4000
Ram: 4GB
OS: Windows 10

(Alright, a lot of you who read this are probably going to say that that's not a proper streaming and gaming setup, I will completely agree with you on that, but please understand that I'm only in college and not rich and that I live in a third world country with overpriced internet access. I'm just hoping that someone could help me out a little in the small chance that this could work cause I would really like to share and record (through Twitch) the games and conversations me and my friends have while we play games together.)