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Mumble Overlay Plugin 1.0-3 2013/08/10


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Hi Faruton and thanks for your work !

I use OBS v0.551b and Mumble 1.2.4, I follow all the configuration's steps but it doesn't work for me :(

The files are in the good folder (with my other plugins working), can you help me please ?


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Hi faruton how do you get the text of the user names in the overlay as large as yours? For mine I have to edit the height and width to something like 1500x1500 which makes the source almost as large as the whole broadcast window.


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I'm not sure where else to post this, but as far as mumble integration goes, would you consider adding a feature / additional plugin to translate my existing voice activation settings from mumble to OBS' microphone noise gate? It's faster to work with mumble's voice activation settings and having to calibrate OBS to match it is a bit tedious. This is all short of hijacking the audio sent to the mumble server and routing a duplicate through OBS.

To my knowledge, the mumble voice activation settings are stored in the registry:
Under the keys: vadmax, vadmin which equate out to @Variant() wrapping a float from 0.0f to 1.0f; vadmax/vadmin are referenced inside the code as a variable with a similar name. The code link should reveal the math necessary to convert the floats to their relevant decibels.
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the overlays dimensions are acting weird.
it doesn't match the dimension i put in and puts the overlay in the bottom right of overlay layer

Here is a screenshot:

I got it to work, I'm an idiot lol
mods, feel free to delete this post.


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Ah yes, sorry!
Well, it was not really ever broken and more of just understanding how mumble asks you to set up the layout.

In the overlay section of mumble it is placed on the bottom right of the example overlay, in the plugin on OBS, it merely reflects that.
So in mumble if you leave it small on the bottom right corner; on OBS it will show up in the bottom right corner small relative to the size of the dimensions that you plugged into the plugin.

Hope I made that clear enough.
and btw, i am loving the plugin ^.^b


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Nice work on this! I was confused setting it up for the longest time. Turns out the names were just outside of the component that I set up. I ended up having to make the component the full 1920x1080 in order to get the names on the edge of the screen.


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This isn't working and I'm not sure why. The documentation is poor in that it skips steps. i.e. it shows you going from downloading the file to having the configuration screen of the plugin, but skips the steps showing how to get there.


Can anyone help?


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I've got the same issue, not showing up whilst my CLR Host plugin is working fine for chat / follower & donation notifications. Any idea why it wouldn't show up?


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Just reinstalled and confirmed that the plugin is listed as a source. Please check that you have CLRHost installed correctly and the plugin file in the correct location. If "doesn't work" mean something other than "isn't listed as a source" then please specify that. Otherwise the most likely issue is with the installation or its dependencies on your end.