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Hey guys, there are some news about progress of the Apple Silicon Version? I love this plugin very much, used it on my Intel MacBook, but since switch to M1 Device I can't use it anymore... very sad about it... :(

thank you for your efforts!!


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mhhh, maybe that page needs an update... I will try...


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Using OBS 28.1.2 in admin mode. I've been using the move source filter on a group to move an image and get transition always returns zero. Any moves are always relative and about ten times the actual value, so pos x: 1.000 would move it 10 pixels to the right every time.

Using the filter on a scene works fine but I'm programatically duplicating items and then want to trigger move source filters on them that would be automatically in place when I duplicate a groups.

Any help appreciated.


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@Exeldro I Just watched Nuttys video on the work you are doing on the Move plugin to control the insta360 link. I am very interested and have an interest in using this camera as a remotely controlled PTZ camera. In your development do you see this becoming a possibility? I do not know what it would look like. I am thinking of some sort of mouse input or joystick input remotely to control the camera from an off site location. Thoughts?


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@lekwmiller technically that is possible, but not with this plugin at the moment. At the moment it allows you to move to as many presets (move filters) as you want in the duration you set. For what you want you would make move 2 degrees to the right instead of move to 10 degrees.
The relative movements for video capture devices is something that is in my list to add.
To do it from an off site location you can look into enabling filters via obs-websocket what can be done via lots of different programs.


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Hi @Exeldro, just a suggestion:

I've recently been using VDO ninja to broadcast the games of other players on my stream. My game source is in the lower right quadrant, and it is slightly bigger than my friend's sources in the other 3 quadrants.
What I would like to do is highlight one of my friend's sources by swapping mine with theirs.
Where it gets messy would be if I then want to highlight a different friend's source rather than go back to the default view.
I now have to move 3 sources to different locations and of course, the system won't know which of my friend's sources were moved the last time.

3 possible solutions present themselves.
1. Create distinct groups of Move filters that are called either consecutively, or concurrently. This would be messy to set up, but wouldn't require changing the existing plugin.
2. Add a feature to the move filter where you can select to move multiple sources to different locations (A bit like creating a scene, although OBS doesn't like you creating multiple scenes capturing the game, so I want to do this in 1 scene).
3. Add a feature to choose a source based on its dimensions and location and then move it to a new location. (This would be an elegant solution and it wouldn't replace the existing choose the source by name which would be the default; However, I don't know if it is doable from a coding point of view.)

I love this product and I currently have the countdown, chatting, game, and outro "scenes" all in 1 scene - I just move the source components. I do have a couple of overlay scenes too. (I'm already using option 1 to the max for this, but option 2 would make life a lot easier! lol)


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Just wanted to say thanks for implementation of camera PTZ movement. It took me by surprise to see it mentioned when I had been looking for that very feature for my camera for some time. Works a treat on the OBSbot Mini, eliminating the need for me to have to open the OBSbot app while livestreaming, (which is clunky and messes with the keyboard). Eagerly awaiting the relative PTZ movements as well. I really appreciate your work. I'm using most of your plugins and they just keep getting better. Your work anticipates the needs of the community and vastly improves workflow. Cheers!


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Is the "Move source" filter supposed to work in studio mode? It seems to only move the source in the Preview, not in the actual broadcast scene. Or am I missing something?
I am also trying to figure out how to make this work in studio mode for live multi-camera productions. Has anyone produced any tutorials about this?


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I am also trying to figure out how to make this work in studio mode for live multi-camera productions. Has anyone produced any tutorials about this?

Each Move Source filter only works on the scene it is on. It doesn't care whether the source is being displayed on Preview or Program.

I'm guessing the issue you may have is more likely with activating the filter. If you are manually activating it from the filter list on OBS, it will only apply to the Preview screen.

I personally use a Stream Deck to trigger the filters. If you don't have a Stream Deck there are other ways to trigger the filter, including setting up a Hotkey in the OBS settings for each. (The Andi Lippi video covers how to do that on the front page)

You'll need to give more information if this doesn't help, but I hope it does. :)