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So I've been recording some videos about math I want to share, but the background is dark and the cursor, although it is white when I record, it becomes black in the video and is very difficult to see. Is there someway to fix this?

This is what it looks like:


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This may be a bug in OBS-Studio's display capture not properly inverting colors of cursor.

1. In OBS-Studio display capture settings, turn off "Capture cursor". If not off, it will incorrectly draw black on cursor that suppose to be inverted.
2. Use Windows magnifier. Press windows-key + "+" button, then zoom out all the way (windows-key + "-"). Magnifier draws a properly working cursor on the screen that will be captured by OBS-Studio's display capture with "Capture cursor" off.

If on windows 7, windows Aero need to be enabled
Edit: windows 7 magnifier might not be compatible with extended multi-monitors.

Another bug: When using windows magnifier, and is zoomed in, with "Capture cursor" enabled, there is a double-cursor problem. Again, turn off "Capture cursor" to workaround this.
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I found a fix to this. In Windows 10, go to Ease Of Access > Vision Settings, click Mouse Pointer in the side menu, then change the pointer color to a custom color, then choose your color (I chose white), and OBS will display a white cursor no matter what application you are using, including Visual Studio & VSCode.