Missing feature: "ON AIR STREAMING LIVE" indicator/warning -> is it possible to create a visible warning when "ON AIR"?


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I am missing a feature, something like this: https://www.tuttidecor.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/42826_2-lit.jpg

It would be used to prevent embarrassing situations when somebody walks into an office while you are streaming and loudly says something inappropriate. Or embarrassing situations when you forget to stop streaming and dont realize you are being live on youtube for the next few hours.

I guess I could design such a system by monitoring LIVE stream online, recognising if stream is ON or OFF, and if ON using some old android phone to write "ON AIR" on its screen (similarly looking as in the JPG on the link above). But I guess it could be more easily done as a OBS plugin (and without latency, and more reliable). So, is there a plugin that creates some big visual notification overlayed on the computer (windows) screen (even if OBS is not in focus) to warn us that we are currently LIVE? Or is any other way to be reminded that you are LIVE, currently I just look if the "Start streaming" button is pressed-in (greyed) in OBS. That is not very visual and sometimes I realize I am LIVE unknowingly.

Any workarounds? How do you make sure you are not streaming LIVE unknowingly?

EDIT: I know one "solution" has been implemented with CSS coloring of the buttons: https://obsproject.com/forum/threads/make-the-start-streaming-button-red.74699/ - but I need something more visible (when I stream I dont look at my OBS window and I just forget to turn it OFF when I get visitors or phone call or something)
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One way of doing that would be to use BOLT with integromat to turn on a LIVE ON AIR indicator after receiving emails notifying you of going live (see attachment). Any other workarounds?


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