Question / Help Minecraft Recording Problems


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I have OBS for windows 10, as well as Minecraft, with an Acer computer with an Intel 7th gen core.
Whenever I go to play Minecraft, record it, whatever, it plays perfectly fine, but it is EXTREMELY laggy in the replay that I watch while I'm editing the video for my Youtube channel. It didn't happen with earlier versions. I look back at some of my earlier videos recorded with OBS and it's not that laggy. It really only became a problem 2-3 months ago, but then I wasn't posting Minecraft videos as much so I didn't notice it. I've tried looking at a few other posts and I have tried them, but It only really works every once and awhile. Help?
Here are some examples (Please ignore the audio, I feel actually embarrassed)
Then: (Jan 13, 2018)
(I do make random videos)
Now: (Nov 25, 2018)
First post, please be gentle ''
And here is the log file thing it says I'm supposed to post:
Thanks! :)
(It would be a HUGE help if you can help me out, my Minecraft videos depend on it :( )