Question / Help Microphone (Blue Snowball) keeps cutting out midstream

Logan G

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So ya as the title says, my Blue Snowball keeps dropping out midstream. It still shows that it is there in the mixer, but the soundbar no longer moves and it is not muted. If I unplug it from the USB port and wait a couple of seconds and plug it back in it will work for a while and then it does the same thing. Anyone have any ideas?


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Have you tried a different cable and/or USB port? Could be a sign of a bad connection or bad power delivery.

Logan G

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Hey there thanks for the reply, I have tried a different USB port and same result, I also have a webcam plugged in and that operates fine on either USB port as well. I haven't tried a new wire, but at that point mind as well try to return the whole thing and try a new one, hoping to avoid that hassle though.
Try to reinstall your snowball mic drivers.
Mic's cutting out of nowhere in obs is mostly caused by the drivers.
If its not the driver it might be a windows update.
If thats not it then you might wanna return the product.

Logan G

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Hey just wanted to give an update on this in case anyone else had the same problem. It was a power supply issue and no matter what I tried on my computer nothing seemed to fix it. So, I bought this external USB hub <link removed> and it solved the problem. Thanks, everyone for the help though and I hope this helps someone out there.