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hi team,

my mic is not working

OBS was able to record my mic well up till today
- what was different was I used OBS to record a session of ZOOM meeting that i had
- once that was done, OBS was not working for my own recording (not stream)
- the zoom was a "listen only" zoom where i did not speak
- the zoom recording (via OBS) was working well, as in, the audio worked well

However, when I want to do my own recording, using my laptop's inbuilt mic, it was not able to capture.
- it could capture only the video, but not the mic
- I had checked that the mic is working (by right-clicking sounds on my laptop)
- OBS also worked well when I record youtube video and the audio, but not my mic.

attached, my screenshot of OBS setup for reference.

Thanks guys for the help!!!!


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Yup, I'm also facing a similar problem, just downloaded this program, did the default setting on all. Tried to do a recording with my laptop, but sound wasn't recorded. Checked setting again and again, but still not working too.
Any advice?