Question / Help Mic not working, everything else fine

I cannot get OBS to record my voice. I'm using a JAWBONE ICON HD Bluetooth headset. OBS recognizes the headset, but I get nothing on the microphone. If needed my setup is: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3630QM CPU @ 2.40GHz, Windows 8 64-bit, Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000.

On my last attempt, I got it to work with no video/audio lag but no microphone. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Okay, I don't see any particular problem -- perhaps the 'headset' is the wrong device? I'm definitely confused because it seems like it should be working. Are there any other devices listed in the mix/aux device drop-down in audio settings that are related to the headset? I should just have them output to log file in the future I think
There is another option and it's the microphone that came built into my laptop. The built-in one works perfectly fine weirdly enough, but the Bluetooth doesn't pick up my voice while recording. The Bluetooth works in sound recorder so it paired correctly and working just not in OBS.
in obs try setting your mic to "default".
this will use windows default, just make sure in the recording devices that it is set as windows default.
to do this right click your speaker icon in your taskbar by the time. select recording devices, click on the jawbone mic and set default.
One other thing to watch for is that the levels. double click on that same mic, go to levels and make sure its at least on 50% (this is the setting i use for my plantronics 780s)
let us know if that works.
here is my guess on the issue and it comes from a completely different issue, but still relatable.
while you're using that headset windows is communicating with it for the audio (or something is).
thus windows has priority of the device.

the example problem would be if you had an elgato capture device, opened their own software and started previewing the video. at this point open obs and try to use "video capture device" you couldnt use it because the official software would be using it/have priority over the hardware.

one shot in the dark to get it to work, change both the playback and recording in windows to another device. open obs and change the settings to point at that headset for audio and recording. apply those settings then hit the preview button.
disconnect the headset from windows by powering it off. wait a 10 seconds and then power it back on.
doubt it will work but worth a shot.
Oddly enough, your shot in the dark worked. I set the windows default to the built-in microphone then opened OBS changed that to the Bluetooth and it worked for the first time. Mission accomplished, thank you for your help.