Question / Help Mic keyboard / audio inputs completely disabling once in-game.


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Hello. I have been using OBS to stream for a while now, and usually make my games windowed, which allows for me to view multiple things at once, such as OBS or my chat. Normally, audio caught by my mic would still go through into OBS, into my stream that i am broadcasting, as well as inputs like Push-to-talk. However today, my OBS does not allow any inputs to work while I'm in-game. For example; Push-to-talk will not un-mute my mic and catch audio through my mic, into OBS, while tabbed back in-game. As another example, I am not able to mute or un-mute my mic while tabbed in-game. I have no idea why this is happening today, nor do I know what the actual cause of it is, but I am hoping that there will be a solution for my problem. If rebooting my computer magically fixes it, i will be a little upset.

In case this is needed, here are my specs;

Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit, Intel i5 7400 (3 GHz), 8GB RAM, Gigabyte Technology H110M-H-CF Motherboard, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050, 931GB TOSHIBA HDD

If needed, I can post a log file as well. (I have attempted to re-start OBS, with no results)