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Mic DSP (Note: merged in OBS Studio 0.15.3) 0.2


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Mic DSP - Adds a noise suppression filter for microphone sources

This plugin adds new filter called "Noise Suppress" under audio sources, which aims to filter out background noise from microphone sources.

Simply go to your mic source > Filters > + > Add a new Noise Suppress filter and set your desired noise reduction volume. Start at a high number like -10 and work your way down until the results are satisfactory.

Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 is required...
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A small demo. Works surprisingly good. Thank you for that! ^_^
It can have a small tunint tho, but is still better than what I have to bear with in hot summer!



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so how do I install this? there are 4 files... "copying.speex" "obs-plugins" "data" and "license" but i already have a data and obs plugins file and I dont want to overwrite them... i think i know where to put most of the files but what do i do with the "speex" file????


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The copying.speex and license files are both just License files and not really needed. Just extract the obs-plugins and data folder directly into to your OBS-Studio folder. It will probably ask you if you want to overwrite those folders, say yes. Then start OBS and in the audio mixer, click the little cogwheel and Filters. Click the Plus button and select Noise Suppress then configure the filter to your liking.

Added a Video on how to install and use the plugin + the included audio filters:
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very nice. I just hope more options and more control comes with this to be able to get the best quality of sound from it.