Question / Help Low cpu usage, high fps in game, low fps stream


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So, I don't mess a lot with the settings to streaming, nvenc stuttered a lot and h.264 didn't, and there should be no problem using it in a 8 core cpu, and I didn't have any problems before. About other settings, I always use ''simple'', 5500 bitrate and only streaming at 720p60.
This log is from a short test stream I did a few minutes ago:
It was on Resident Evil 7.
The thing is that I tested these settings before and they worked great, but after I messed around on advanced and played ac origins, everything got bad. I don't know what triggered, but the streams are really bad now. RE7 was at 90fps in game, but only 25 on stream, while 30% cpu usage. AC origins is a game that also is very laggy even in preview. Don't know why. I already deleted the settings in User/appdata/roaming/obs-studio, which seemed to have helped, but got bad again right after that.
I even uninstalled obs, restarted windows, but the stream stays awful. I tried to ajust as it was before, still nothing.
P.S On incredibly light games like MW2 it works fine.

Does anyone has an idea of what it may be?

Thank you in advance.
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