Looking for information ticker to use with OBS.


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Hey guys

I'm an artist and i generally stream alot as well as stream games. Recently i've been getting people asking me alot during games such as what the status of a match or with drawing. If there's any commission slots open. I want a ticker that moves across the bottom of the screen and can be edited to have the information i want listed on it

EG1: Slot 1 - taken by name , Slot 2 - taken by name, etc

EG2: Score: Dire 1 - Radiant 6.

Something like that.

If anyone knows of or is able to make a ticker that can do that, i'd greatly appreciate it!


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You mean like a text with scrolling effect? Try the Text Source in OBS.
I would setup an external textfile for it, so you can update the text file at the side.