Question / Help Logitech C920 not being detected by OBS Studio


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My webcam out of nowhere just stopped being recognized by obs. When I go to the menu It doesn't even show that I have it conected to my computer. The problem started when I stopped using obs for some months because I didn't have time to record/stream. Can someone help me?


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No, not in OBS, in VLC. Can you see the camera in VLC. Install VLC and see if the camera shows up under Media -> Capture Device.
This will show if the camera is physically connecting. If not, then working backwards, usb port, cable, camera (does cam work in another computer). Otherwise it's OBS and you probably should reinstall OBS from scratch and try again.
I've used a 920 as an interview cam for about three years. Had a funky usb port, cheap extension cable, over heated (above 95F). Any of those can be a problem with the cam not even showing up.