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Linux Vulkan/OpenGL game capture 1.1.1


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nowrep submitted a new resource:

Linux Vulkan game capture - Vulkan game capture for Linux

OBS Linux Vulkan game capture

OBS plugin for Vulkan game capture on Linux.

Requires OBS with EGL support (currently unreleased, you need to build from git).

  1. Add Game Capture (Vulkan) to your OBS scene.
  2. Start the game with OBS_VKCAPTURE=1 environment variable set.



Only supports capturing one game at a time.

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Hey there.
i would like to try out this extension but no Vulkan programm willl launch with VKCAPTURE=1
I get an [obs-vkcapture] Init 0.3 and then nothing.
Nothing in journal either. No crash no nothing.
Neither wayland nor x.
Any tips on how to debug this?

I am on arch with obs-vkcapture-git from AUR and i se an rx580 with the current mesa driver.