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Free [Linux] SpotCurrent 1.0.3


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flymia submitted a new resource:

[Linux] SpotCurrent - Get the current Spotify-song playing on Linux!

SpotCurrent BETA
This is a little script I wrote to get the current song played by Spotify on Linux. It works with the native desktop client and is tested on the following distros:
  • Ubuntu GNOME
  • Kubuntu (KDE)
  • Debian 8 (LXDE)
Make sure to install the package "wmctrl" first by running sudo apt-get install wmctrl

Please check out the GitHub-Page, where the...

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For me it says that the command 'wmctrl -l -p' is not found?
Please help me I registered only for this question and I searched long for a solution for the native client.


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flymia updated [Linux] SpotCurrent with a new update entry:

SpotCurrent v1.0.3

So we exited the BETA-phase after a long pause! Yaay! But it's not quite hard with such a little Bash script. So this version has a few little changes and basic functionality. Things like text formatting are still missing though.

I also tested the script with an Arch based distribution. But keep in mind to install wmctrl first.


Please remember to install wmctrl by using sudo apt-get install wmctrl (depending on your distro) on your system.

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