LFB! Need bot to welcome new viewers


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Hey all, is anyone aware of a bot that will welcome new viewers to my channel, for example: "Welcome to the channel, so-and-so! Hope you enjoy the show."

Any help is appreciated.


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What streaming service are you using? If it's Twitch, then there are already a lot of bots out there, such as nightbot, moobot, xanbot, and more.

This question isn't really related to OBS in any way, so I'm not sure it's appropriate for the OBS forums...


Download mIRC and learn to script. I have a welcome bot in my channel, appropriately named, Welcome_bot.

Its best if you learn(its really very easy), and then later you could add more functionality.



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I have a welcome bot made (It's the same one being used in LtRoyalShrimp's chat). If you want just post your twitch name and I'll put in your chat. As Shrimp said it's made from mIRC Scripting. Does a random first time welcome when someone joins then when they leave the chat it gets recorded to a ini file. If they was to join again they get a random welcome back message. For example: welcome_bot: Thanks for tuning in again <Twitch name here> (<number of people> in chat)

I made an account just to post a reply :P


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Jack0r said:
Would you mind sharing this script so others could use it with their mIRC? :)

If you want it in your chat I have set up a !join command. Just go to http://www.twitch.tv/welcome_bot then in the chat do !join #twitch_name_here (make sure it's all lower case and # is included. There is a little info section to read)

Edit: I released the scripts. You can download everything at the twitch link above. I well try to maintain it and upload new versions periodically but trying to maintain it by myself for 30 different chats on my laptop isn't idea for me.