Question / Help Less than 1 mbps upload


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Hey guys I’ve read a lot of posts for help with under a 1mbps upload speed but as I’ve seemed to try all of them it is quite difficult to get a decent stream going. I’m currently using a dell inspiron 15 i5 7300HQ with cpu @ 2.5ghz 8g ram gtx 1050 ti. My upload speed is rather low and i am currently upgrading my internet which will be upgraded next week to a 2mbps upload. I’m trying to just get started with a decent stream so i can them configure all other settings around that like hearing the party chat and other things. I’m streaming from console with a el gato hd60. I try to run 480p at 400 bit rate CBR using x264 medium cpu preset high profile and zero latency tune. The problem I’m having is that even if i lower resolution the stream runs smoothly either way even at 780p but is pixelated. If i increase bit rate then the stream starts to lag and skip frames. But at the lower bit rate it’s just pixelated. Is there any settings that hit the sweet spot for my pc and upload of 0.5 to 0.8 upload speed.