Question / Help League of Legends is always a black screen

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  1. Gatorade4YoMama New Member

    I'm trying to stream Lol, but every time I try to set it up the whole screen is black. I've tried capturing game, window, desktop, and using global settings, but nothing is working. It's all black but at the same time, I can see my mouse cursor, and the custum skin for it that lol puts on it when you're in game.
  2. Warchamp7


    Are you running the game fullscreen?
  3. Gatorade4YoMama New Member

  4. Warchamp7


    And Game Capture doesn't work? Could you post a log of when you tried to stream?
  5. Gatorade4YoMama New Member

    =====Stream Start=====================================================================
    Multithreaded optimizations: On
    Base resolution: 1366x768
    Output resolution: 908x512
    Loading up D3D10...
    Using auxilary audio input: Microphone (2- Realtek High Definition Audio)
    Audio Encoding: AAC
    bitrate: 128
    Video Encoding: x264
    fps: 20
    width: 908, height: 512
    quality: 8
    preset: slower
    i444: no
    max bitrate: 1000
    buffer size: 1000
    using shared texture capture
    Total frames rendered: 391, number of frames that lagged: 4 (1.02%) (it's okay for some frames to lag)
    Number of b-frames dropped: 0, Number of p-frames dropped: 0
    =====Stream End=======================================================================
  6. Jim

    Jim Developer

    You need to run league of legends in borderless window mode (fullscreen windows), or a regular windowed mode.

    If you don't want to use a windowed mode, you have to use game capture or a capture card to capture fullscreen games.
  7. Warchamp7


    Your log is also incomplete, you need to close OBS before opening it.
  8. Warchamp7


    It might work, but it would probably flicker a ton, if it works at all.
  9. Toxikr3 Member

    I have streamed LoL and Dota fullscreen (not window) and they work fine.

    I do get the occasional black screen but I restart OBS and if that doesn't solve it I restart both the game and OBS, starting OBS first then the game.

  10. Uli New Member

    Actually this is the confusing thing for me, I see people get this issue all the time however when I do fullscreen league of legends with OBS (Using Software Capture) or Xsplit (Using Screen Region) I never once got the flickering.
  11. Phizzix New Member

    In order for you to stream League of Legends, you need to go to your video options and set it to borderless.
    Then, in OBS, use software capture.
    That way should work.