Bug Report Latency lag while using OBS(League of Legends)

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  1. Optimus Mudkip New Member

    Im using Software capture(window). The first few moments of streaming are fine but then my ping randomly jumps to 300+ms. If i close OBS it drops back down so im sure its causing it. Normally at 60 ms or lower.

    OBS settings: 30FPS
    MAX BITRATE/BUFFER 3300/3300
    Resolutin downscale 1.50(1120x700)
    CPU-Very fast
    Areo -disabled

    Set up : Radeon 6870
    i5 2500k Turbo 3.7GHz
    asrock z68 extreme 3 gen 3
    ocz 700
    500g 7200rpm
    8192MB RAM

  2. Zephiris Active Member

    If you're streaming at that size with 30 fps, a bitrate of 2000 or 2200 would be more than enough to give you crystal clear quality. Usually, ping spikes in league are due to your upstream being too saturated to send data to the server in a timely manner. Lowering the bitrate will likely fix the issue, but also make sure you have "Minimize network impact" enabled in the broadcast settings too.
  3. Optimus Mudkip New Member

    Minimize network impact is enabled, i lowered the bitrate to 2200 and oddly enough im still getting the lag spikes.
  4. Zephiris Active Member