Question / Help Lagging Preview and NDI-Output.


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Hey guys,

when playing a game I my preview drops to like 20-40fps and my NDI-Output starts dropping Frames.
I included some Log files.

Here are my specs:

i5 8600k
4x 4gb 3200 CL16
GTX 1060 3gb
Main SSD Samsung m.2 960 Evo

thanks for your help.


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Logfiles aren't really showing any really significant numbers of lagged frames:

21:17:22.655: Output 'NDI Main Output': Number of lagged frames due to rendering lag/stalls: 395 (0.1%)
21:17:22.656: Video stopped, number of skipped frames due to encoding lag: 288/291118 (0.1%)

Usual remedy in such situations is capping in-game framerate and reducing other in-game quality options to make sure OBS is getting enough resources to operate. 1080p60 can be challenging even if you're only doing NDI output to a 2nd machine; it's still more GPU load than running a capture card (although not as much as a 1 PC setup).


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Ty, i already cappped my frames at 144 in games where i have som headroom left.

I got it working now. I had to disable the Preview in the obs window and enabled a fullscreen projection to one of my Other 1080p displays.
The lag in the NDI Output is now gone.

Thank you for the help and have a nice christmas.