Question / Help Lag free video OBS settings for dedicated streaming PC?


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Hi :)

I've recently decided to start streaming World of Warcraft to twitch. I am not trying to break the world with my stream quality, but I would like to be able to stream without unwatchable video lag. I've been adjusting settings and testing streams, but I just don't have enough knowledge yet to fix this problem on my own.

I currently have an Asus ROG desktop and laptop setup in a two PC stream system because one couldn't handle the load. I play the game on my desktop and stream from my laptop using NDI. My question is what OBS settings should I use for the Streaming PC specs I currently have. My PCs are both a few years old, so I understand that it's possible they just aren't powerful enough, but if anyone can help it's the people on this forum. I will include the specs from both PCs as well as my latest log.

NOTE: The audio on my stream is working without issue, the problem is strictly video.

Thank you.

Network: Xfinity Wifi - 302.3mbps download/40.6mbps upload. Will be hardlining with ethernet soon.


Gaming PC: Asus ROG G20AJ
CPU - 3.2ghz Intel Core i5-4460
RAM - 8gb ddr3
GPU - Nvidia gtx 750 - 2mb ram

Streaming PC: Asus ROG G751JT
Res - 1920x1080
CPU - 2.6ghz Intel Core i7-4720HQ
RAM - 16gb ddr3 1600mhz
GPU - Nvidia gtx965M 2gb gddr5 - 2gb ram
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