Bug Report Known bugs and Issues - Please read before posting!

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  • Certain mics/headsets (I think a few USB mics/headsets particularly) seem to be experiencing a progressively-going-out-of-sync issue. (NOTE: This may be solved in 0.60 test 9 and above)
  • Mics cutting out (Solved in 0.60 test 9 and above)

Other issues/workarounds:
  • Radeon laptops with switchable graphics have capture issues. This is due to the driver design, and there's nothing I can seem to do about it. Workaround is using window capture with compatibility mode to capture your target games.
  • Game captue not always reacquiring a game that has been acquired before (should be working now in most cases, use the hotkey if necessary), stop/start streaming will fail to reconnect with games that previously were used with game capture
  • OpenGL games do not capture with window capture while aero is enabled - Use game capture, or, if no other choice, disable aero
  • Hotkeys may not work without running as administrator
  • Asus Xonar sound card may need to have "GX Mode" deactivated in its settings for it to capture sound
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