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Free Keyboard/Mouse Real-time Overlay 2014-11-04


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DBSTPGMR submitted a new resource:

Keyboard/Mouse Real-time Overlay - Display your WASD, Shift, Space & Mouse Directional on stream in real-time!

I wrote this application to display my WASD and Mouse in real-time, to my stream viewers or while I record. It works in REAL TIME, and is meant to be used as an overlay in any program that allows overlays (Such as Open Broadcast Software and XSplit).

Try it out and let me know what you think!
(I respond to questions, suggestions and comments at the youtube video comment section for the below clip)

See it in action, here:


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This is pretty cool. I'm definitely be going to use it in games where mashing a lot of keys skillfully is a day to day business.

Can you make one with controller schemes as well? :)


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I think that would be a whole new can of worms, BullHorn. As it would require all different input monitoring for each controller, each game, etc. It might be a possibility, I'll look into it, but don't get your hopes up or expect it (from me) anytime soon :) It would be a great option, but the amount of work required might be too large, more like something an actual game development company would be more suited to.