Just... wow


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That's all I can say. Because I'm out of words due to the awesomeness of this software. I bought the premium version of XSplit for like $70... :sadface:.

Now, XSplit has been useful for some time, but seriously, you are like the fucking Jesus of streaming. I don't even have an i7 and I'm achieving 1080p60 with >60fps in game while streaming. It's just mental.

Regarding the suggestions, the only thing that I find missing is the inclusion of video files as overlays to put sponsors / etc with animation in the static stream overlay.

Apart from that, I can only praise you, and assure you that if you decide to charge for this software I will be in the queue to purchase it.
Thank you!


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Video files on stream is planned but not something I can do right away due to priorities. -- Also, nope, not charging, not even asking for donations (unless I'm on the verge of going homeless or something) ^_^