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  1. briand18 Member

    Hello, I am having a sound issue. When I listen to my stream there is an infinite loop. I have tried muting everything and it is still there. I am using a wireless headset Logitech G930 if that helps anything. Any ideas? I do not know what is causing it. I mute the stream so that it can not capture the sound but it still somehow loops.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Krazy Town drunk


    Please post a log file.
  3. briand18 Member

  4. hilalpro Well-Known Member

    you wanna pause the stream or watch it from a separate machine if you have to keep watching it.

    other than that make sure that your auxiliary device is not stereo mix or default.
  5. briand18 Member

    Mute does not work, and both audio spots are set up for my headset.
  6. hilalpro Well-Known Member

    just keep your stream page closed, put the second spot on "disable" and tell me what happens.
  7. briand18 Member

    Disabling the second one makes it so that there is no mic at all.
  8. hilalpro Well-Known Member

    yes but does it work?
  9. briand18 Member

    Yes there is no loop but no mic at all, it is just the mic noise looping, not music nor game sound.
  10. hilalpro Well-Known Member

    great. now when you enable it does the looping happens to your stream videos or to your headphones or both ?
  11. briand18 Member

  12. hilalpro Well-Known Member

    right click on the audio icon from windows and choose recording devices go to properties for that mic you've chosen on obs and from "listen" tab disable listen to this device press ok.
  13. briand18 Member

    It is not enabled.
  14. hilalpro Well-Known Member

    enable it then make it output to your primary device and disable the second device from obs again.

    this should eliminate the looping on the stream videos
  15. briand18 Member

    Enabling it and then making it playback to my headset just makes it so I can hear myself. Unless I have doing something wrong.
  16. hilalpro Well-Known Member

    on the stream videos do you hear the mic twice ?
  17. briand18 Member

    I just hear a loop like somehow OBS is capturing my voice off the stream even though it is not even open.
  18. hilalpro Well-Known Member

    obs is not capturing your voice if you have done that last part. if there is any looping on the vods by doing that it should also include music and any audio going through the headset.

    otherwise the mic is looped by itself and play only it's audio to the same recoding device and that doesn't make sense.

    make sure we're on the same troubleshooting steps.
  19. briand18 Member

    When I do the listen thing, I can hear myself but there is no echo in the video from stream.
  20. briand18 Member