Bug Report Inaccurate Color Filter and Missing Alpha


I noticed that when using the color correction filter, specifically when selecting specific colors, that I sometimes get different colors than entered. I've tried starting with white sources and even adding two filters.

I also noticed that the hex color will get converted to hex with alpha, is this a missing slider feature? When trying to enter in a specific hex alpha (example #FFFF0000), I run out of characters.


New Member
Yeah, I've seen this problem stretching back as far as 2018, when OBS was in version 22. I raised it as an issue then to no avail. https://obsproject.com/mantis/view.php?id=1283&nbn=3

OBS CC filter is so great, but it used to be fantastic, it'd be great if we could revert to how it was before, with more control over the hex alpha (any control, really, seems to have been relinquished entirely from the filter now).