Question / Help In-Game audio sounds bad, mic sounds perfect


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I recently upgraded my PC, and my mobo is an MSI Z370, which comes with that Realtek HD Audio Manager sound booster or whatever. I'm not sure if that has anything to do with my in game audio sounding weird, but I didn't touch any of the settings and it seems like I don't have anything enabled.

-I use a U-PHORIA UM2 DAC for my Mic/Headphones (not sure if this is important)

I've never had this problem before, even when streaming with the same settings:
-60FPS 720p
-2500 Bitrate
-Slow CPU preset

I did not adjust my sound settings, and I only have 1 filter (Noise Suppression), but that is just for my microphone.
Like I said, I never had this issue happen before until I upgraded all of my equipment.

Here is an example from a clip:
*Note there is no issues with microphone quality, only in-game audio*

Also, I've experienced a laggy-sounding audio, from both in game, and from my friends on discord:

However, this audio issue occurred later in the day. In an earlier, separate stream I did in the same day, the audio sounds fine:

I'm confused. I have 3 different audio experiences, and I'm not sure what causes it/how to prevent it/fix it. Possibly it could be due to internet connection? However, I rarely drop frames, and my upload speed is more than enough to handle the 2500 bitrate (15-25Mbps upload).

Any help/insight would be much appreciated. Thanks.