Question / Help i7 8700k, pubg, stutter.


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Hello. I recently upgraded my PC.

From: i7 4790k
12GB DDR3 Ram
GTX 1070 8GB

To: i7 8700K
16GB DDR4 3000MHz
GTX 1070 8GB

My previous setup had no problems at all streaming 720p60 6000kbps on veryfast with the i7 4790k. But now when I try to stream/record pubg with my 8700K with the same encoder settings, the recording/stream stutters a lot. I tried to record Assassins Creed: Origins too and I was surprised that the problem wasn't there anymore. So i think it is with PUBG only. I have windows 10 and it was up-to-date on my previous PC same as it is up-to-date now.

Also the preview stutters a lot in OBS.

Can anybody help me ?
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