Question / Help I need to know if OBS supports these cameras.


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It's very time consuming to do research if some random camera will work with OBS. If nobody comes up who owns one of the camera and says: "yes, this works" or "no, doesn't work", you have to do the research yourself.
Go to the manufacturer's website. Download the manual of the device. Verify if is mentioned the camera comes with a directshow driver, so you can use it as webcam. Or if you are able to do http streaming from the camera, which is a url on the camera you enter in your browser and get a video stream. This is not the same as live streaming to some streaming service, which you cannot use.


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Thank you very much for your useful reply, koala. Very well explained. I understand that as long as they can be connected to the PC trough USB/HDMI and used as webcams, they are ok to go.
Do you know if there's a list of recommended cameras to use with OBS?


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As far as I know, there is no explicit list of camera models that will work with OBS. The regular cameras supported by OBS are stationary ones you connect with USB and that bring a directshow driver with them, so you are able to use them in any app that supports cameras. Skype for example is one of the other often used apps. This support is usually called "webcam", although the interface isn't limited to just cheap-o low-quality webcams.
The cameras you mentioned are some kind of recording devices, and they usually don't bring that interface. They are primarily made for recording, not for life streaming.
It might be of some help if you look for something like "works with Skype" as description of the camera.