Question / Help I dont even know what to say here =)


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So, i got my obs ready and i started streaming.. and its bad. I put my bitrate on 2500 first, than realised i have great internet so i put it up to 5500 and the stream was the same.. blurry as hell. I tried x264 and NVEC.. same. I put it on veryfast, all the way up to fast.. same. I dont know what to do anymore. I will send a picture of my setting rn, my stream and my internet speed. I need help please.

P.S: the speedtest was made during streaming. It usually goes up to 250. Also want to mention that i am not very good when it comes to IT and stuff like that so don't come with come up with complicated stuff without explaining them step by step. Sorry =)



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Try Tools / Auto Configuration. Also if your stream is a full screen webcam image, most webcams will not look that great in the first place so the low quality may be coming from your camera.