Question / Help I can't get my capture card to work properly . . .

I have the Diamond Multimedia VC500Mac capture card, and it's working properly with the audio and video being put on my laptop. I'm trying to route the video through camtwist, and it's showing up properly in camtwist, but when I use the game capture with syphon option on obs to get the video from camtwist, it shows some weird choppy thing. Is there anything I can do to fix this? (Sorry if this is some obvious answer, I'm really new to streaming. I've spent the entire day trying to fix this.)


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Mac's device capture support is still early, I'm surprised it was giving anything at all. I may have to buy one of them if they're partly working and see if I can get it fully working if we're possibly doing something wrong.
Update: It's sort of working, just lagging really badly. It's as good as if I were to use window capture instead of getting the lost frames from syphon.