How to prevent TeamSpeak 3 overlay from crashing OBS


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The TS3 overlay plugin which shows who is talking and other things unfortunately interferes with OBS, thinking OBS is a game and causing crash problems or other bugs. To prevent the TS3 overlay from loading into OBS, perform the following steps:

1. Goto Tools / Plugins.

2. Click Settings of the TS3 Overlay plugin.

3. Find OBS.exe in the profile list. If you don't see it, it means the TS3 overlay has never tried to load in OBS. Make sure the overlay is enabled and you've attempted to stream at least once before trying to disable it.

4. Tick the "Disable Loading" box.

5. Hit OK, and you're done. You may need to restart OBS for changes to apply.


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Does this still work with Teamspeak? OBS still directs us to this thread.
OBS never appears in my overlay plugin profiles even after "trying" to stream with OBS. OBS gives me a message that TS3 will cause problems and to disable loading of TS3 overlay...but after numerous attempts it will not show up in the profiles of TS3 overlay plugin.

** EDIT **

I just started OBS before starting TS3. After the stream went live, I started TS3. I then turned off my stream and went in to the TS3 Overlay Plugins settings and OBS still was not in the profiles drop down box.
But now, I can start my stream with TS3 open and OBS doesn't give me the TS3 Overlay warning...I guess it's all good now??
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