Question / Help How to display your Realtime Heart Rate by using wrist band (ANT+)

How to display your Realtime Heart Rate by using Mio Link

I play a lot of Horror Games and wanted to display my Heart Rate
I really wanted to use wrist band instead of chest band due to convenience

* I tested this in Windows 7 64bit machine, not sure about Mac or other Platform

although both OBS and Golden Cheetah had Mac version and I believe Hardware should work on other platform too

You will need 4 items to achieve this

1) OBS (This is free streaming sotware)

2) Mio Link Heart Rate Monitor (This is a wrist band to measure HR) * Can be purchased at Amazon

3) Suunto Movestick Mini (This is receiver that plugs in to PC to read HR) * Can be purchased at Amazon

4) Golden Cheetah (This is a program to display your HR to PC)


1) Setup OBS (this should be simple! if you are streaming, you should already have OBS)

2) Install Golden Cheetah (Just do default Install)

3) Plugin Suunto Movestick to PC (PC should automatically install driver, if not go to Device Manager and force it to look for driver)

4) Wear Mio and turn on the Heart rate monitor

5) Run Golden Cheetah and connect Mio Link to PC (Tools -> Options -> Train Devices)

6) Start Measuring the Heart Rate within Golden Cheetah

7) Use OBS to get application to show up and use crop option to only get numbers area

8) use chromakey option in OBS to leave the number to show and hide background

9) use coloring option to change color of the number