How To Contribute Translations for OBS

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Want to contribute to OBS but don't know how to program? Help us with our translations!

To help us manage our translations, we use a service called Crowdin, which is free to use for open source projects. You can check out the OBS translation project here:

* OBS Studio

How do I contribute?

* Register an account on Crowdin.
* Find the language you want to help contribute to. Note that finished languages appear at the bottom of the page, but we can still use help on those even if they are marked as complete!
* Open one of the strings files and look at the strings that can be translated or have already been translated.
* If you see something that has not been translated yet, suggest a translation!
* If you see something that has been translated well, vote it up!
* If you see something that has been translated poorly, vote it down and make a new suggestion!

Translation Tips

* If you need more context about how a string is used, open a new issue and request additional contextualization.
* If you see a & in a string in the middle of a word, or right before a letter somewhere, that letter is a shortcut letter (e.g. E&xit, the X is the shortcut letter). You should generally try to keep the shortcut letter the same in your translation. If that letter doesn't appear in your translation, put it in parentheses at the end: 退出(&X)
* If you're editing the variables.txt file for the website, please escape any single quotes by putting a \ in front of them, eg l::set('download-installer', 'Télécharger l\'installateur');
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