Question / Help How to add rtsp ip-cam video source


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Hi all!

This is my configuration:

- Windows 7 Pro 64 bit
- video: Foscam R2 (I can see video streaming via rtsp URL)
- audio: Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
- OBS classic 0.657

I clicked everywhere but I'm not able to see where to add the rtsp URL as video source.

Adding a Video Capture Device source I can see the Scarlett 2i2 in Audio Input Device combobox, but the Device combobox is empty.

What I'm doing wrong?



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What I'm doing wrong?
You're assuming that rtsp cams can be added as video capture devices without driectshow drivers.

RTSP cameras need to either use video/media source (use obs studio for media source, it'll be less headache) or have 3rd party directshow drivers installed.


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I use a Foscam for nightvision-mode streams. Normally I'll just Window Capture a browser window showing the cam, and crop the source down to just the video frame.

I believe you may also be able to use CLR Browser though and point it at the videostream.cgi url (using ?user=xxxxxx&pwd=xxxxxx if password-protected at the end). So an example would be: for a cam on with port 8080 (can leave off the colon for default port) with a username of admin and a password of meh.

Won't be able to control it, but it SHOULD passively grab video it's seeing. Note that if you have a newer Foscam, many of them do not support direct stream-grabbing. Some can have it restored with a firmware update from Foscam.

Please note that this may not work (I haven't tried). Here's a big list of Foscam models and the associated URL formats though, may be able to work something out with this as a jumping off point: