Question / Help How much Power do I need to Play with 120fps and stream with 60fps


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Hi there,
as the title said: How much power do I need in my system? Recently I've got a lot of stream-lags when streaming Apex Legends/CoD Warzone for example. I've got an AMD Ryzen 3900X and a Nvidia 2070S. I noticed a lot of GPU Usage and yeah, that's the reason why my stream is laggin - I know.

Stream config:
x264 middle
Downscaling from 1400p to 900p

Game config (Apex or Warzone)
capped to 120fps

Monitor @120hz. GSync on, VSync ingame off.

I was hoping that the 2070S has enough power but I guess I was wrong. Is its possible that I am doing something wrong or is this an common problem because the GPU overload in this case? I tried many things like a fresh new scene without browser sources or disable the preview... nothing works

Thank you!