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OBS Lua HotkeyRotate 0.2


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Works good, just wish there was a thing that reset the object to the previous state; when it's stopped it stops then and there and then you have to go reset transform

Edit: also, if it rotated in place instead of on a corner it would add to it, imo
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I'll look at adding a reset feature. It will rotate around whatever anchor point is set in the object's transform (positional alignment), so if you set the value to 'center' then you'll get the 'in place' rotation.


Btw i think i have another problem. If i go on script and rewrite the same source i can control it. But if i change scene, it's likes hotkey doesn't work and so i need to rewrite source from script

Edit: i notice script finds only first time the objective and so scripts is active only in the first scene. If i have the same objective in the another scene, scripts doesn't work
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so i just got this working. its brilliant! i dont know if you made in response to my request for spinning sources but seriously thankyou!!!!


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This is great! Maybe a dumb question, but is there a way to add the script to multiple items/scenes? I have it connected to a scene collection that is visible in multiple other scenes as a group, but it's only rotating in one scene. I've said scene a lot. I that makes sense? Too ob-scene? I'll show myself out.


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@MacTartan Is there a way to apply the HotKey Rotate Script to MORE THAN ONE object in a scene?
I finally found something that can spin the source. Excellent.

Unfortunately, the script does not work when starting up obs. Had to remove, reinstall the script, and readd the macros everytime I open OBS
It appears everything installed correctly and when try to set up parameters there all there, but I don't know how to input the object to be rotated. I would type in the source objects name and it does nothing. Can you tell me how to input it, please? I am on Mac Monterey. It looks like a great script and can't wait to use it. Thanks,