Question / Help Hotkey problems

It seems that OBS randomly captures Hotkeys that it isn't supposed to grab.
My example in which i experienced it:
I have set Hotkeys to start recording (ctrl+r) and to stop recording (ctrl+t). Sometimes OBS grabs the T as if i pressed ctrl+t without me touching it, at least i think. I am pretty sure that i pressed T at some point and sometimes my recording just stops without me noticing it. Since i am not able to tell if i actually pressed ctrl by accident at that time, because it takes time for me to notice that OBS has stopped recording, i am not 100% sure if it is my fault or the program's.
It is likely that i pressed the key by accident, since using those buttons is not unlikely in Kerbal Space Program, but i want to be sure if there might be an issue with modifier keys.
I wish there was some audio feedback or something that catches your attention when obs streaming stops and starts. Maybe you can use taskbar notifications in supported systems or some big REC icon or something to make the user more aware of the current state of the program. Just an idea.
No need to send any logs i think, as they just show that recording has been stopped as if i intended to do that.


I'm having the same issue, although I only have hotkeys for changing scenes.

I use all scenes as ALT + CTRL + F*

Sometimes just by doing ALT + CTRL it will randomly skip to a different scene.


Bumping this as I'm being really affected now.

I have a hotkey for muting Mic (Shit+Ctrl+M) and it keeps muting the mic automatically.

This is annoying as people will have to say 'hey mic is muted' and does affect the stream quality.