HLS streaming / ease of use suggestions?


When you stream with HLS, you use the Custom Output (ffmpeg) recording feature. Counterintuitively, you click Start Recording to start your stream, and leave the Start Streaming button alone. I need to make the UI agree with the functionality. Here are some bad ideas for solving that:

1) Hack the locale.
Basic.Main.StartStreaming="Don't click this"
Basic.Main.StartRecording="Start Streaming"

2) Hack the theme.
QPushButton#streamButton { /* I'm doing this wrong; the button still appears, just with no text. */
visible: false;
disabled: true;
visibility: hidden;
display: none;

3) Totally reinvent the wheel and use a browser dock combined with websockets or a browser source & broadcast channel to create my own Controls dock. This would be my first choice if a browser dock could do window.obsstudio.startRecording() (but it can't).

4) Create a custom service (but I don't know how).

If anyone has any ideas that, unlike mine, are actually good, I would be delighted to hear about it.