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Discussion in 'Questions, Help & Bug Reports' started by FatherBlessing, Aug 26, 2013.

  1. FatherBlessing New Member

    Recently purchased a new computer and am now experiencing high CPU usage from OBS. This didn't happen previously and it gets to around 50-70%. I am not sure if it is my settings or if something is wrong with my CPU. Here is my log.
  2. Floatingthru

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    What was your old computer/cpu? AMD apu's are really bad on the cpu side, and ok on the gpu side. That cpu usage seems about right honestly with those settings. You can't really expect much out of that apu as its a budget cpu essentially.
  3. FatherBlessing New Member

    I don't remember my old stuff, but you're saying theres nothing I can do other than getting an upgrade?
  4. Kharay Well-Known Member

    You could consider dropping the resolution. Down from 1080p@30 FPS to something like 720p@30 FPS. Should free up quite a bit of CPU and GPU time.
  5. alpinlol Well-Known Member

    your cpu usage is fine with that cpu when you were actually streaming at 1080p with 50-70%

    but you should lower your output resolution to something like 720p since you have a bunch of late frames and a high render time