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Hello All - Thanks in advance for any guidance you might offer as I try to figure out how even to ask this question. I use Zoom and its background to create performances. I love it, but one issue is that the background (with green screen) does not allow for audio. Is there a way through OBS to have a background (green screen image) with audio? If yes, can you walk me through how to set that up here in OBS?
Thanks, Johnnie


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I'm not a Mac user, nor do I do OBS to Zoom. But, yes OBS can definitely do that
However, real-time video rendering is computationally intensive, and OBS is Free Open-Source Software, so some of the patented methods of video conferencing video rendering/compression, audio echo cancellation, etc aren't available, so expect to learn a fair number of technical hoops to get a setup working, and a computer powerful enough to pull it off

There are numerous threads here, and videos elsewhere that can walk you through the setup you mention.