[GUIDE] Youtube and Grooveshark music parser for OBS


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Who am I?
I am a developer from a small country called Slovakia. Khm, Slovenia. I usually do web applications, but in this situation I made a desktop application.

You can check my website here: http://tokyo.nori.jp/a/
You can check and follow the stream of my friend, that app was mainly made for: http://www.twitch.tv/pik4pii Go check, she is gosu League of Legends player.

For any questions or bug reports, please spam me at twitter: http://twitter.com/ggpurehope


Problem: When I was talking to my friend about "now playing track" overlay on XSplit or Open Broadcaster, she said that all of her playlists are on youtube or grooveshark.. which is kind of logical(2013), cloud computing baby.. And it would be pretty damn annoying to download all of the tracks to the computer and use winamp, foobar addons...

Solution: I made a very simple application that parses track titles from youtube and grooveshark and saves them to the .txt file on the computer. As you know you can add "Text" scenes in a streaming software, so it's pretty self explanatory.


1. You can use Firefox or Chrome with this application.

2. Open Firefox or Chrome and then open Youtube or Grooveshark(open your playlist so you can see the title of the track in window name).

3. Whichever you use, select the proper attributes inside of the application:

4. As you can see from the above picture, you have an options to save a current track you listen, into the .txt file from:
- grooveshark in chrome
- grooveshark in firefox
- youtube in firefox
- youtube in chrome

So if you select grooveshark and chrome inside of the application, you need to open Chrome + Grooveshark website, and leave the tab as active tab, because application parses the title from an active tab.

In case you use Chrome a lot while streaming(changing tabs), you can open Firefox only for this purpose and vice versa.

The application will warn you if you, by your settings inside of the application don't have proper browser and tab opened/selected for parsing.

5. The current song playing is written in the application, so you have an idea how it would look on your stream.

6. Same text will be saved into the .txt file which is created in the same path as application is saved to.

7. You then use the .txt file to load it into Xsplit. This is very nicely explained here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxmOM2n0b7o . Other software used, but you get an idea what do you do with .txt file that is created.

Example of settings

http://rapidshare.com/files/3788554358/ ... iiiiii.exe
(change the name to whatever you want lol)

Virus scan: http://r.virscan.org/report/8546b0d1f6b ... d9f1c.html
md5: 71f79c62f1727dd88bdcbb2e7798db48


This is a nice software.

But I have ask you to be more serious with the software you are writing in the future.Sure it might be funny to add the "bitch please" button and the file-name for some. For others that can cause some issues.

Please change it to be more serious and professional. You wouldn't want to loose potential customers/users because of some stupid jokes. This will help you in the long run. :)